He shot me down......bang bang..... (bangoestheknife) wrote in li_hxc,
He shot me down......bang bang.....

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location: Rocky Point, Long Island
top 10 fav. hXc bands: Bane, Against Me!, Outbreak, Mental, Modern Life Is War, Paint It Black, Good Clean Fun, Down To Nothing, Verse and Marathon.
top 3 fav. [other] bands: Cursive, The Faint and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5 interests: Movies, Shows, eating, sleeping and having fun (at least im being truthful...even though it seems boring
say something funny: Im not funny..but ill try: How many hardcore kids does it take to change a light blub? 50..one to change it and 49 to say how the old light bulb was better. That was lame, im sorry haha.
favorite local band[s][hardcore or other]: Backup Plan, Subterfuge, Calima, Heads Vs Breakers, Gabriel, Entaphist.
last show you've been to/where: Jamesport dec. 3rd : This is hell, Marathon, Thieves and Assassians, Down To Nothing and some others..
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